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Bicycle Traffic Lights Coming to Austin in Coming Months

Bicycle Signals coming to downtown Austin

It’s been two years since we first wrote about the federal grant for $200,000 to be used for 12 bicycle-specific traffic lights and detection loops, and it looks like their time has finally come. According to a report by TWC News, these signals should arrive “over the next couple of months”, with the majority of them along the 3rd Street separated bike lane.

“All the bicycle signals that we are installing are on routes that are major cycle routes that already have protected bike lane infrastructure,” said Nathan Wilkes of Austin Transportation Department. “The protected bike lane network is part of the ‘All Ages and Abilities Network,’ where it’s really for all ages and abilities. Anybody should be able to get out and ride a bicycle.”

All I have to say is, they can’t come soon enough. I can’t count the number of times cars have failed to yield to bikes riding in the 3rd Street bike lane, and this should improve safety (and hopefully car/bike relations) drastically.

You can see the full list of equipment and its placement below:

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