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Bullshit. I call bullshit.

Do y’all remember the battle over the Nueces “bike boulevard” (long story short, getting rid of cars was going to destroy all business)?

The concession was the Rio Grande “more friendly to bikes because traffic circles” boulevard.

And there was Austin’s first (I believe?) on-street, two-way cycle track through West Campus. And where it met said boulevard, there was a nifty, glowing blue-ish indicator light that told you the traffic light sensed you. And that was cool.

But now, when you’re headed north on Rio Grande and you hit MLK, where said cycle track begins, you run into this:


Instead of a cycle track, there’s a yellow paint area reserved to hold a sign that simply says “no bicycles” – bicycle, circle, slash through it.


Yes, there is construction and fewer lanes. Yes, this means cars and bicycles will have to share the road for a few blocks. Yes, this means cars may not be able to speed through this largely residential area with people walking and biking all over the place. If the car lanes all disappeared, there’d be some detour signs pointing you in the right direction at least, right? But here, on our bicycle boulevard, connecting to our separated bicycle facility, there’s just a sign saying that you shouldn’t ride your bicycle on this public road. Heck, some might even confuse it to mean that it’s illegal to ride your bicycle here, on this public road. Oh, and some yellow paint. To reserve the area where you used to ride your bicycle for a sign telling you not to.

Try again, Austin, because this shit is lame.


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  1. September 19, 2016 at 9:43 am

    One of the last fights I had with the ‘appeasement wing’ of the bicycle advocacy community here in Austin was about this disaster. It’s not a bike boulevard if it has 4-way stops (especially not if it has 2-way stops), and moving it a block further away from the action and a hillier route is telling as well.

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