Austin On A Bike

Tell the city the only downtown bike lane should stay open for SXSW!

APD is saying the eastbound separated bike lane on 3rd between San Jacinto and Trinity is closed to bikes and pedicabs.

If you feel so inclined, call Councilmember Kathy Tovo at 512-978-2109 and let her know that Austin’s only cycling infrastructure downtown should be left open for the biggest traffic hell of the year.

Email her here:


Also try Lee Davila, Austin Transportation, 512-974-7714

The dumbest part of this is that when you’re biking East on 3rd Street and you get to San Jacinto your only option is to try to turn around there and go back to Brazos to then make your way on 4th or to go southbound which isn’t where you were trying to go in the first place. So now we’re causing a confusing mess for people who aren’t from here at the craziest time of year.

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